EU extends the Border Management Programme in Central Asia

EU extends the Border Management Programme in Central Asia

The European Commission decided to extend the 9th phase of the Border Management Programme in Central Asia (BOMCA) until 14 December 2019. The decision was supported by all five Central Asian countries. The European Union allocated an additional amount of €1.6 million for the extension period.

In the extension period, the programme will continue its efforts under three main areas such as institutional development of border management agencies, management of mixed migration flows and trade facilitation regimes at borders.

Among other actions, activities prevention and detection of smuggling, optimizing control procedures at border checkpoints and enhancing interagency and regional cooperation will be implemented.

The programme will continue providing expert technical advisory support during activities in the national, multilateral and regional contexts.

The special programme BOMCA was launched by the EU and Central Asian countries in 2003, as border security is one of the main components of stability for the whole region. Since its inception, the programme has been directly linked to a number of European Union objectives defined in the strategic documents.

During its earlier phases, the programme focused its resources on creating a modern border management infrastructure equipped with the latest equipment. With time the horizons of BOMCA became broader and the actions of the programme not only targeted border guards, but also other authorities working in the area of customs, migration, drug control, agriculture, health, etc.

9th phase of BOMCA programme is implemented by the Consortium of partners, including State Border Guard of Latvia, Customs Department under the Ministry of Finance of Lithuania, Riga Technical University, Food and Veterinary Service of the Ministry of Agriculture of Latvia, State Revenue Service of the Republic of Latvia, International Centre for Migration Policy Development.