Ethno-style in pillows: tradition and special thrill of interior

Ethno-style in pillows: tradition and special thrill of interior

There are many ways to make your home interior more original and interesting. Floor pillows are a funky alternative to traditional seating furniture, sofas.

Even in ancient times, nomadic peoples enjoyed the possibility of relaxing on the floor. And they did it on special huge pillows with beautiful embroidered patterns, placed over colorful carpets.

In the traditional interior of a Turkmen home, floor pillows – corpe – are an essential attribute, like carpets. The most beautiful and softest were served to honorary guests to make them comfortable.

This household item was also part of the dowry of a bride, who had to embroider everything herself with ornaments. It was believed that the more beautiful and richer the patterns, the happier and more prosperous the family will be. And although many wedding traditions have been preserved by the Turkmens, today, of course, there is no need for brides to weave and embroider carpets themselves.

A resident of the city of Mary Gozel Atayeva shared with ORIENT how to make floor pillows with national ornaments. The craftswoman has been making pillows for marriageable age of girls for about a year. Such decorative pieces are also good for the design of living apartments.

“The fabrics and fillers used in the work depend on the client’s order. Mostly, red velor or velvet are preferred. It can be filled with cotton, natural wool, and padding polyester.” says Gozel.

Thus, Turkmen corpe, while remaining a kind of household relic, at the same time organically transform into a modern ethno-style.

“The process of work for those who understand sewing is not long,” says the master. “It is necessary to place and sew the finished embroidery on the surface of the pattern. At the same time, the design can vary depending on taste – corrugated band, gather. On ready-made, filled floor pillows, aladja is the last detail to make work completely done, as aladja is regarded by the Turkmen as a talisman, an amulet.

The ancient oriental tradition of using seat pillows has been introduced into the modern culture of different countries. Many people believe that a low table and floor pillows are ideal for relaxing and heart-to-heart conversation while enjoying a tea.