Eternal Sunshine of the “Pure” Classics – Grieg’s Attraction

Eternal Sunshine of the “Pure” Classics – Grieg’s Attraction

String orchestra conducted by Tahir Ataev decided to delight Ashgabat music fans “for centuries” with another unique opportunity to listen to the “gold reserve” of European classics. A new concert program called “Musical collage” will be presented by the young team at the Turkmen National Conservatory next Friday.

“We always try to choose the material for concerts that, first of all, is of interest for us, as for musicians,” Tahir Ataev says. “In this regard, there is no any special guidance on the program preparation. I carefully monitor what is currently relevant for the team and for me personally, and then long, fruitful work begins. At the moment, I am engaged with the musical compositions of the Norwegian composer Edvard Grieg.”

The Orchestra by Tahir Ataev comprises of 25 “lively” violins and a tireless conductor. He is always in a creative search, always in the process of rehearsal. Indeed, despite the fact that Tahir conducts the orchestra, he deals a solo career as a viola player.

“I cannot live without playing – it is part of me. I play and conduct, I manage to deal with two profiles. I graduated from the music school and conservatory in the viola class, and I teach my students the basics of playing this instrument. While the art of conducting itself is unlimited, you can learn it all your life and only comprehend the basics of conducting, however, instrumentalists also learn all their lives. This is an endless process – to learn, experience and more.”

Tahir Ataev, outwardly restrained young man, distinguished himself as an experimental conductor, a bold enough musician. Many fans of the music team already had the opportunity to listen to the world hits of famous performers in the classical arrangement of the string orchestra. It includes well-known song “The show must go on” by «Queen» and the tracks of the “King of Pop” Michael Jackson, thus, Tahir is called a tireless conductor.

This February, the string orchestra by Tahir Ataev toured in the city of Turkmenbashi. The bright and fiery performance of the musicians from capital was hearty welcomed by citizens of the coastal city. The concert program “Legends encore” consisting of distinctive musical genres, styles and directions that are completely different from each other, received warm reception, as all concert shows by Tahir Ataev.

It proves a high level of young musicians who do not get tired to surprise and amaze the audience with new programs, and, knowing Tahir Ataev, it could be said with confidence that there will be more. In June, an original concert surprise is expected.

So far, those who have not had time to get acquainted with the string orchestra members and personally with the conductor, musician Tahir Ataev, have a great opportunity to do this in a “prayed” by professional musicians place. Admission is free.