Estonia proposed Turkmenistan to cooperate in the field of e-government

Estonia proposed Turkmenistan to cooperate in the field of e-government

The delegation of the MFA of the Republic of Estonia – the state with “the most advanced digital society in the world” – made proposals for cooperation in the fields of digitalization of the economy and e-government.

The proposal was made at the political consultations held in Ashgabat on March 25, which were decided to hold on regular basis. The parties also noted the importance of “intensifying contacts at the high state level,” the message of the Turkmen Foreign Ministry says.

The Estonian international cooperation in the digital field has many successful stories. Cyprus, Japan, Finland and many other countries successfully adopted best e-solutions developed in this country, for example, e-tax platform to pay taxes, digital ID cards, etc.

From the first days of 2019, digitalization became a key agenda issue in Turkmenistan, where the implementation of the Concept of development of the digital economy until 2025 is underway. In this context, an e-government, which aimed to ease communication between people and the state authority providing the service, is also being developed.

In Estonia, digitalization became a “national idea” almost immediately after independence. It took great courage to invest in IT solutions and take the information technology route that have led to Estonia becoming one of the world’s most developed digital societies.

In 2019, Estonian parliamentary elections set a new digital record: almost 50 percent the counted votes were cast online. Each year, around 95 percent of all tax declarations in Estonia are filed electronically via e-Estonia platform, which experts call the exemplary model of digital government for the whole world.

During the political consultations, representatives of the Turkmen Foreign Ministry proposed Estonia to consider the possibility of preparing a new draft Agreement on Trade and Economic Cooperation. So, the cooperation of two countries in the field of digitalization can start from trade, which in Estonia is also fully electronic.