Equestrian group “Galkynysh” began its tour of in China

Equestrian group “Galkynysh” began its tour of in China

The Chinese province of Jilin became the starting point for the tour of the Group of national equestrian games “Galkynysh” and artists of the State Circus of Turkmenistan.

For several months, Turkmen artists will tour the province and present their fascinating numbers, which conquered the arenas of the world. They will acquaint the Celestial Empire with the art of riding and the management of the Ahal-Teke horses, which are so highly valued in Turkmenistan.

Artists of the Galkynysh group, who have won unlimited love of foreign audiences, are regularly invited as honored guests to prestigious cultural events. For example, in April they spoke at the opening ceremony of the Bahraini livestock exhibition Mara’ee 2019 in Manama.

Everyone who comes to Turkmenistan admires the beauty of Ahal-Teke horses, their grace and endurance. And what they do in the arena together with the Turkmen jigits is worthy of the highest praise. This is a sight that you would want to watch forever.

And the long trip of the artists to the Celestial Empire will increase the army of fans of unique horses and their brave riders. By a million? By a billion? We will find this out on September 20 at the end of the tour.