Environmental projects of Turkmen students deserve the highest mark of the international jury

Environmental projects of Turkmen students deserve the highest mark of the international jury

Almaty hosted the I International Climate Box Project Competition on Climate Change, organized by UNDP. The winner was a participant from Turkmenistan Serdar Chariev – 10th grader of Ashgabat school number 27.

His work “Solar Desalination in Everyday Life” received the highest rating of jury members among 28 best projects of students of secondary schools of Turkmenistan, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Moldova, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.

With the support of specialists from the Institute of Solar Energy of Turkmenistan, now under the jurisdiction of the State Energy Institute, Serdar Charyyev created a model of the apparatus that turns highly saline surface groundwater using solar energy into distilled water.

The installation, designed for 4 liters of water, at a temperature of 35 degrees produces 10 ml of water per hour. During the solar period (240 days a year) – this is 403 thousand liters of distilled water.

Now Serdar Charyev, together with his scientific adviser – a teacher of geography and economics – Maya Batyrova, are working to increase the productivity of the apparatus, which can also be modified and applied to the desalination of sea water.

According to Serdar himself, such a device can be created by anyone. To do this, you need a dark plastic tank, a pipe for loading groundwater, and two greenhouse glasses with grooves for draining the distillate.

They plan to put pilot plants in 10 schools in the north of Ashgabat in order to attract even more attention of schoolchildren to the problem of climate change and simple solutions that can affect it.

The author of the project hopes that distilled water obtained in this way will be used in school (and not only) chemical laboratories, car batteries, while washing dishes and other household needs. For watering plants it is recommended to dilute the distilled drinking water in the ratio of 1/1.

The project aims to save fresh drinking water and reduce its costs in a changing climate.

As noted at the ceremony of announcing the winners, members of the jury – experts in the field of natural sciences, climate change, water experts, teachers of secondary schools – Serdar’s project is not only energy efficient, but does not require huge monetary costs, is simple and can be applied today country of the world. This makes it the best.

Experts also noted the work of Anna Sukhanova, a student of grade 11 of the school number 7 of the city of Turkmenbashi, to gradually reduce the use of plastic bags and replace them with biodegradable paper bags.

In order to make the project more visual, the schoolgirl designed and released several paper bags with the support of IP Ýedi dogan, which impressed the jury with its design.

Project manager Nury Khalmanov noted that their team plans to establish official cooperation with the company. They intend to collect for the production of packages waste paper from schools and offices, introducing ideas for recycling paper as a beautiful and high-quality packaging.

The project of the third representative of Turkmenistan, Jemshit Mirzoyev, a pupil of the 10th grade at the specialized school No. 3 of the Danev etrap of the Lebap region, became the best in the nomination “Renewable energy sources”.

The participants of the competition also met with the chairman of the presidium of the association of environmental organizations of Kazakhstan, Aliya Nazarbayeva. Politician, environmental activist and mother of four children, she supported the efforts of schoolchildren in the struggle for a better world and encouraged them to continue to actively participate in the life of their countries.

All three projects submitted by Turkmenistan are closely related to the state policy on environmental protection and combating climate change and are consistent with the fully nationalized Sustainable Development Goals.