Energy and synergy: a young Turkmen singer – about his vision of the path to success

Energy and synergy: a young Turkmen singer – about his vision of the path to success

The musical life of Turkmenistan literally gives every day the audience pleasant surprises – there emerge new groups and names, the interesting projects combining different directions, styles, genres and forms of arts. In this variety of concerts, shows and variety reviews the Ashgabat public has noticed and has estimated the young singer Umyt Amanov.

Now he is considered a popular performer enough and everything began as it usually happens, in the early childhood. There is no wonder, after all in the environment of the boy’s family there were such known musicians, as violinist Gasan Mamedov, brothers Shahunts.

– I also wanted to learn to play the violin, and my parents sent me to a music school. Indeed, now I do not play the instrument any more so well, – Umyt admits with a smile. – Later I started to study musicology. At the same time my elder brother discovered for me “variety” subtleties of the piano. Both in musical and in personal aspects I go much advice from Alexander Shahunts.

As a teenager Umyt tried himself in different musical displays and at 12 he was seriously engaged in the vocal. Already during this period the young actor started to act in various events. The great interest in creation of arrangements and variety music appeared during his study in the conservatory.

Now Umyt also teaches to play the piano, musical literature and grammar to students in the vocational school of culture and art. He has time to perform at concerts and to write songs.

– What inspires you to compose?

– Songs are born from emotions. When your mood is good, you hear music around, and you want to keep and embody it. And when it is bad … you also hear music, but already another, and it also pours out in any composition, – Umyt says. – In creativity there is no drawing. Here all depends on the state of mind. But I like to sit long in the studio, writing down arrangements, experimenting the sound.

Recently the young performer has taken part in the concert of orchestra under the baton of the honoured worker of art of Turkmenistan Rovshen Nepesov. In spite of the fact that actors are familiar for a long time, cooperation has taken place only this year in the form of the program «Christmas jazz». The singer presented interpretation of jazz of a popular song about the fur-tree which has conceived a response of the audience.

– Energy of spectators always helps me on the stage, – the musician shares. – There is a merge of feelings, mine and the public. During these moments I test all spectrums of sensations – from alarms and excitement to euphoria. It is impossible to transfer that state by words when the packed auditorium plays the second part for me. I think that the secret of success of the actor – just in this synergy, co-authorship when you not simply perform “history”, but the spectator discovers in it himself and supplements with his own colours. Then it lives and breathes.


Maya Ojarova