“Energetic youth” invites to the exhibition

“Energetic youth” invites to the exhibition

The annual exhibition-competition of creative and design works “Gujurly Yashlar” (“Energetic Youth”) has opened in the gallery of the Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan. Young, active and talented students of a creative university presented their latest and most creative developments to the jury.

Throughout the year, young artists, designers, jewelers, art critics and sculptors prepared for the exhibition, within the framework of which a competition of artistic, creative and design works with the award of commemorative diplomas is envisaged. But as the saying goes: “The main thing is not victory, but participation,” especially since the theme of this show is the 25th anniversary of the country’s neutrality.

Thousands of applicants dream of becoming students of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan every year, but the best of the best get into the university. Therefore, among the exhibited works of art, it is difficult to distinguish between the works of freshmen and those who have been studying for several years, which indicates a high level of students’ skill.

The portraits of famous people of Turkmenistan are impressive, the author of which is the promising student of the State Art Theater Ogulsuray Rozygulyeva.

The girl paints all portraits from life and is not afraid to depict celebrities in close-up, and this gives rise to the feeling of the presence of the character of the picture next to you. Among the heroes of Ogulsurai’s works are sculptor Saragt Babaev, artistic director of the youth theater Alp Arslan Handurdy Berdyev, Honored Artist of Turkmenistan, musician Vladimir Mkrtumov and many others.

It is impossible not to note the creation of the carpet weaving student Guncha Khudaiberdyeva. In order to weave a national carpet that corresponds to the Turkmen canons and traditions, the girl went to the Balkan region, where she was able to communicate with folk craftswomen.

Having learned the secrets of carpet weaving from carpet weavers with many years of experience, the student created a unique carpet with traditional ornaments and gels representing each of the five regions of Turkmenistan. Also of interest is a book about Turkmen carpets, published thanks to art students.

Young restorers visited the ancient city of Dehistan, and upon their return, they developed a project for the restoration of a historic mosque.

They never cease to amaze young designers and architects who create project layouts both by hand and in 3D format. Thanks to digital technologies, students present their vision of the city of the future, where every element of infrastructure is designed to bring benefits and convenience to residents. But, nevertheless, budding architects do not deviate from the use of national art forms, so even a large urban area is designed in the form of traditional gulýaka jewelry.

The winners of the exhibition-competition will be determined by the end of December, but for now everyone who wants to get acquainted with the successes of creative, creative and energetic youth can visit the original exposition presented in the exhibition hall of the Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan.