Ecology and economy: clothes which “grow” together with the child

Ecology and economy: clothes which “grow” together with the child

In recent years ecological safety assumes more and more important criterion in all spheres of human life. Designers of the largest brands shift to artificial furs and food manufacturers create ecologically clean produce.

The number of the ecological actions directed to control of pollution of seas and oceans grows. More and more world companies pay attention to the development of “green” economy.

The innovative enterprises which develop ecologically clean alternatives to plastic bottles and synthetic materials are supported with financing by the government of Great Britain and Sky Ocean Ventures – investment fund for search of quick and forward-looking solutions to crisis of oceanic plastic.

The most promising projects have got financial support from the government of Great Britain and the Fund.

For example, London company Petit-Pli has developed clothes «for growth» which has a property to grow together with its wearer, informs the British web site GOV.UK. Thanks to numerous small folds, waterproof jackets and overalls can grow in size depending on the age and growth of the child.

Petit-Pli, inspired by satellite deployable structures and orgami, hopes thus to diversify kid’s clothes and clothes for pregnant women that means economy for parents at reduction of waste.

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