Eco-toy master of Ashgabat: work for children’s happiness

Eco-toy master of Ashgabat: work for children’s happiness

Although development of technology brings many innovations into our lives, some things never change or lose value. One of these is woodworking – the most ancient craft among the peoples of many countries of the world, the skill and secrets of which have been passed on from generation to generation.

Ashgabat resident Ali Kosumov is one of the few craftsmen who have been occupied in “wooden” art for more than half a century. Looking at the works by the master, you never cease to wonder how a simple piece of wood turns into incredible images and subjects.

– I have been fond of making miniatures since childhood. I made my first item – a shelf – for my granny’s neighbor when I bought my first scroll-saw, the master recalls. – Then I was only eleven years old. It all started as a hobby, and I was making everything that came from the heart.

Ali is an inventor by nature and loves to make something necessary out of nothing. In his opinion, any business opens up incredible opportunities for human hands.

– I had been gradually getting hand in it. To do a specific job, you need a great desire, a craving for the craft, and then practice and experience. Without this, no one will teach anything like that, the craftsman continues the conversation. – All they can teach is safety – how not to get hurt.

Having lost his father early, Ali had to go to work in order to somehow help the family. He was a turner, locksmith, installer, crane operator, mechanical engineer, at the same time not forgetting about his favorite occupation. He continued to cut out souvenirs and beautiful kitchen utensils of wood.

– There was a time when I was engaged in furniture – restored and made new. In this matter, of course, my wife Larisa helped me with advice and design. Now in retirement I am doing what I love. I make wooden toys. I made a house for granddaughter’s dolls with my own hands. Everything inside is like in a real house with the complete interior, even with little books on the shelf. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, right down to the electrical part. We are trying to somehow liven up everything – curtains, rugs. Larisa does what relates to sewing for the house, says Ali.

You can see a lot of interesting things at Ali Kosumov’s house that have come out of the hands of the master: a mill, a sofa, good old toys, a hut with a baba-yaga, small houses of various designs – everything that would be interesting for children. The master loves to give away his products to friends and acquaintances. The main thing for him is to please others. According to Ali, the positive energy of handmade item is transmitted to people, brings them joy.

– Products made of wood – an environmentally friendly material – have always been in high demand. For example, a friend asked me to make something unusual for a restaurant on an African theme. I like to fantasize and do something original. So I continue to create, making a rocking horse for my grandson, and I make a dollhouse for my friend’s granddaughter, the master says.

Ali Kasimovich still keeps the very first scroll-saw with which he processes small parts of the item today. And his other homemade tools for work are collected from scrap materials. This is where the professionalism of the master is sensed. After all, the ability to do things with your own hands helps not only to understand their value, but also develops creatively.