Earthquakes controlled by science

Earthquakes controlled by science

The seismology, the scientific study of earthquakes and their nature, is common for the Central Asian countries, as the seismic activity of the region is high and rocks of the earth are specific.

Seismic forecasting, the study of seismically dangerous areas, helps to predict the location of future earthquake seismic hazard.

It is of special importance for large cities in the Central Asian region. That is why the Institute of Seismology and Physics of Atmosphere of the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan is actively working on monitoring the seismic micro zoning of the city of Ashgabat and its provinces.

“The seismic maps are updated daily, research and analysis of the resistance of old buildings are carried out,” Guljemal Sariyeva, Director of the Seismological Center, says.

Seismic stations are located all over Turkmenistan; data from them is operationally transferred to a special automated center of the institute. It is worth to mention that seismic stations, depending on the goals to be solved, are divided into regional and reference ones.

– All seismic stations in the world carry out the data registration at universal time basis, as well as initial processing of seismograms, that is, measure the time of arrival of data about the seismic wave and its dynamics. This information is to be sent to the corresponding data processing centers through the state communication channels.

The stations carry out its activity in accordance with the instructions that are prescribed for national seismological services and for international organizations.

Currently, between Turkmenistan and JICA (Japanese International Cooperation Agency), the Project “Improvement of System of Seismic Monitoring in Ashgabat and its Surrounding» is implemented.

– The Project is aimed at modernization of the system of seismic monitoring, improvement of its efficiency as well as at evaluation of engineering and geological risk on the territory of the Turkmen capital and development of the earthquake contingency plans.

In the implementation of international projects, both national interests and advanced world science trends are taken into account. The responsibility of scientists for the results of work as well as the effectiveness of research activities have been increased, along with active introduction of advanced achievements of science and technology into production.

By the end of 2020, it is planned to introduce a new seismic map of the central regions, including the city of Abadan and other territories.

According to experts, prediction of natural disasters should be carried out in advance to minimize potential losses.