Dubai reorients its tourist branch

Dubai reorients its tourist branch

With a view of attraction of tourists Dubai starts a new global campaign «Live Your story».

The initiative of Department of Tourism and Commercial Marketing of Dubai (Dubai Tourism) is started as digital entertaining system and will be gradually developed in 20 languages of the world. With its help visitors can take pleasure in world famous sights of the city.

«As Dubai continues to accept foreign tourists, we constantly search for innovative ways of maintenance of global interest and attention to the city. As we come back to normal life, people will search for the personalised impressions of travel, and this campaign underlines our readiness to satisfy such preferences», – Issam Kazim, general director, Dubai Tourism told.

The campaign «Live Your Story» opens Dubai from the unfamiliar party, as a place where cultures more than 200 nationalities, as the city with set of various impressions become famous.

Dubai has opened again the doors for foreign travellers three months ago, after the period of isolation within the limits of governmental measures on restraint of spread of deadly virus COVID-19.

Al Marri, general director of Dubai Tourism, noted earlier: «Actually we do not see now any long-term influence on the industry of travel and tourism. People want to travel, we see it by inquiries on the Internet, on our extensive polls and researches».