Dragon Oil plans to hold the GOTECH conference in Turkmenistan

Dragon Oil can hold the 4th GOTECH conference in Turkmenistan. In his interview to the ORIENT Al Jarwan, CEO of the International Oil and Gas Company stated.

– Three previous conferences were held very successfully. Now we think to hold one more this year in Turkmenistan. <…> We plan to involve all participants of the oil and gas branch of Turkmenistan without any restrictions for the oil-producing companies, contractors, manufacturers to highlight a joint character of the oil and gas branch in the country.

The GOTECH Conference is a rather new, but successfully proved platform on which the oil and gas companies can show the technologies, carry out negotiations and create a network for further interaction.

The previous 3rd conference was held in October, 2019 in Dubai and brought together leading players in the market of hydrocarbons. As was announced on the site of the annual event, «… it is an excellent possibility to connect the world oil and gas branch with the governments, operators, and manufacturers, service companies, consulting companies, academic circles and also research centres».

For Turkmenistan – 4th country in the world in its established reserves of natural gas – GOTECH can become an excellent mechanism of realisation of the program of diversification of economy and along with the Gas Congress (TGC) and  «Oil and Gas of Turkmenistan» (OGT) to involve the companies interested in partnership.

On can learn more about the work of Dragon Oil in Turkmenistan and prospects of organization the GOTECH conference from the video-interview: