Dovletdjan Yagshimuradov holds master class for Turkmen sambo wrestlers (video)

The master class was held at the Olympic village of Ashgabat as part of the celebrations dedicated to World Health Day, which was joined by Vasiliy Shestakov, President of International Sambo Federation (FIAS).

The head of FIAS congratulated Dovletdjan Yagshimuradov on his champion title and all citizens of Turkmenistan on the 2020 World Sambo Championship to be held in Ashgabat as well as told about plans that were discussed on the same day during the meeting with President Berdimuhamedov:

“I am confident that the Championship will have the same success as the Asian Games. I can see that there are very strong sambo wrestlers, both boys and girls, here. We hope that they will have worthy results at the competitions.”

“We have already talked with President, and probably, here in Turkmenistan, we would be able to create an Asian center for training sambo wrestlers. There is a great base in the Caspian coast, and there we can hold joint training sessions inviting the world’s leading coaches.”

“It was the initiative of Gurbanguly Myalikguliyevich, I think it would be great if it works out. Now we have agreed with the Republic of Korea that one of their largest universities will open a Sambo faculty, and this year the first students would be enrolled. I think we will have such a good symbiosis. The new faculty will teach coaches,  while athletes and judges will be trained here,” Shestakov shared.

There was such an interesting dialogue between Shestakov and Yagshimuradov:

– You are former sambo wrestler probably, aren’t you?

– The sambo wrestlers cannot be a former one, Dovletdjan replied, giving a smile.

At his professional career, the 29-year-old fighter had 23 fights total, including 17 victories, 5 defeats, and one fight that ended in a draw.

Last time, in February 2019, Yagshimuradov officially became the first ACA Light-Heavyweight Champion defeating the Polish fighter Karol Celinski at the ACA 92 tournament.

During the master class, Yagshimuradov communicated with the youth with great enthusiasm, trying to pay attention to everyone. Dovletjan also wished good luck to the Turkmen sambo wrestlers in the upcoming competitions.