Donald Trump: “We’’re working on an agreement now with the Taliban”

Donald Trump: “We’’re working on an agreement now with the Taliban”

The U.S. is working on agreement with the Taliban, the American President Donald Trump said in an interview with Fox News.

“You know we’re pulling way down in Afghanistan. We’re working on an agreement now with the Taliban. Let’s see what happens,” Trump stated.

Let us recall that after nine rounds of U.S.-Taliban negotiations, Donald Trump abruptly called off the yearlong dialogue. However, the U.S. is currently indicating its intention to resume negotiations with the insurgents.

As it was informed, on Thursday, the American President dialled up to Afghan President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani and thanked him for ensuring the release of professors of the American University of Afghanistan kidnapped by the Taliban in Afghanistan. A 63-year-old American Kevin King and 50-year-old Australian Timothy John Weekes were released in exchange for the release of the Taliban prisoners by the Afghan government.

The exchange of prisoners emerged as the fresh hope of revival of the peace talks. It was widely thought that it could lead to a resumption of U.S.-Taliban negotiations.