Dive into a detective or The clock slows down

Dive into a detective or The clock slows down

Have you ever wondered how a work of art is created?

Who is behind the cover of the book, behind every even line filled with emotions or painting someone’s story?

The writer is certainly a creator who reveals his soul to an audience of many thousands. A thinly sensitive person, beyond the real world and the world of fantasy. An unsurpassed dreamer, romantic, embodying on paper images and perfect paintings, while losing a lot of mental strength. What is all this for?

Probably just to keep our icy hearts warm a little …

I have in my hands a novel-detective with a mysterious name – “The clock slows down” by Raisa Supanko.

The author, as it turned out, lives and works in Ashgabat. Therefore, immediately there was a desire to meet and chat with her.

The expectation of the upcoming communication with Raisa Viktorovna caused internal excitement. Still, not every day one is lucky to talk with a living writer, in addition, the author of a detective who combines elements of romance and mysticism. The genre is already very difficult. And I was ready, as they say in bad novels, to exclaim: “Who will the author really be? A mystifier or a talented master?”

… I met a nice woman with a good-natured smile. In a serene, affectionate voice, she talked about how she lives and is written. The fact that literature is a kind of hobby, originally from childhood. About how a simple philosophical truth is hidden in the name of the detective: “Whoever we are, whatever we do, Time is our master.”

A teacher of Russian language and literature with thirty years of experience, Raisa Viktorovna amazes with her sincerity and openness. She is a happy mother and a caring grandmother. Raisa loves the students of her class as much as her own children.

Being a big fan of literature, Raisa Viktorovna wrote novels, short stories, poems, fairy tales, sometimes impromptu.

– I sewed the sheets, scribbled with text, thread and gave to friends.

It is surprising that many friends of Raisa Viktorovna still keep her handwritten works.

In love and friendship, in everything that relates to personal and professional relations, Raisa Viktorovna is a person of constancy. Needless to say, she worked in the same school for many years, how many children she released into adulthood, developing her own special approach to students.

– It is important for me that children learn to think and understand, and not just seek to get a good grade.

Encouraging diligent children with attention, Raisa Viktorovna enjoys great love among her students.

But the idea of writing a detective novel was visited by a teacher not so long ago. Speaking about the plot, the teacher and writer in one person immediately plunges into a mysterious action that takes place somewhere very far away.

The main character – detective Alex Loginov is looking for a mysterious house in which suspicious parties are held, after which the girls disappear. Two friends under forty years old – Lola and Elena – go to the mansion for a masquerade, where unexpected events take place with them.

The famously twisted plot line forces one to delve deeper into the content of the novel. And the reader, without realizing it, is conducting an investigation with the detective.

What will happen next, and what awaits the heroes in the finale?

The epilogue will reveal all the most interesting.

The Red Thread of the Novel is Time! This is the very priceless thing that each of us has. We live as we live, but at some point something incredible happens to us, and then time either slows down or speeds up our run. It is felt instantly, almost immediately sharply and irrevocably.

An important topic raised in the detective novel is the search for love. After all, one of the meanings of our life is family and procreation. The main character is gravitated by her failed female share – by the age of 37, she had not yet become a mother, had not met her betrothed.

“Every woman dreams of happiness and strives for Him. But where to look for Him, that same and unique, in whose person the whole world is concentrated and that very happiness. The main thing in life is not to lose yourself and not to fall into the same situation in which you yourself are on the scales of time and space,” the announcement of the work says.

Work on the novel detective story “The clock slows down” lasted about two years. Raisa Viktorovna admits that she was inspired by the work of the famous writer Daria Dontsova. After reading a large number of her detective stories, Raisa decided to try herself in this genre. And, judging by the reviews of those who have already managed to read the manuscript, she succeeded with interest.

– This does not happen like this: here you have conceived a book, sit down and write. Not. It’s just that at some minute the screen turns on and you watch a movie. When it ends, the screen is blank,” says Raisa Supanko.

In this way, a detective novel with a mixture of genres was written. Now Raisa is working on writing a second detective story, but the time (still that Time!) Is sorely lacking.

Still, writing is a colossal work that requires a concentrated approach and considerable mental expenses.

And all in order to keep our slightly icy hearts warm, absorbing the author’s warm message.

Svetlana MAYAK