Digital Transformation in Dashoguz

Digital Transformation in Dashoguz

Turkmen-Transit ES, one of the leading companies in the field of digital technologies, organized the Digital Transformation Conference in Dashoguz, an administrative center of the northern region of Turkmenistan. A conference hall of the Dashoguz Hotel brought together professionals in the IT industry, as well as representatives of the public and private sectors of the country.

Conference speakers were the heads and specialists of departments of the Company Turkmen-Transit. Presentations and video materials showed digital solutions for business: the introduction of electronic document management, cybersecurity, the Bitrix 24 CRM business management program, 1C products, advanced technological solutions for automating large-scale production operations, as well as the TT-Gate new generation smart terminals develop by Turkmen-Transit.

Conference moderator Davut Durdyev, a project manager at one of the IT companies, said: “Over the past few years, we have been introducing our products not only in the capital, but in all regions of Turkmenistan. This event is held by the Turkmen-Transit ES as part of the Digital Turkmenistan Project that aims to promote digital IT technologies, search for partners and talented specialists in the field of IT solutions, increasing the contribution of private entities to the implementation of strategic development programmes of modern Turkmenistan”.

The conference participants were presented reports, videos and slides about cybersecurity, websites development, introduction of Bitrix 24 CRM products based electronic document management, 1C advanced technological solutions for automating the large-scale production operations, TT Gate new generation smart terminals, a Turkmen Transit partnership program and Microinvest software products.

During the conference, the opening of the Turkmen Transit Branch in Dashoguz Region was announced.

In addition, all conference participants were visually presented the Orient news portal.