Digital illustrations for folk stories

Digital illustrations for folk stories

Switching to a digit is a necessity for the economy. And even art follows the trend and gets involved to the “virtuality”. In Turkmenistan, Ksenia Malenina became one of the first digital artist and illustrator.

Everything started as usual – the brushes and paints were natural, and Ksenia studied composition modeling and rules of chiaroscuro at the Ashgabat Art School named after Byashim Nurali. And like many of its alumni, after graduation for a long time abandoned the art – some other things and worries piled.

But everything has changed after watching the video of Aya Saparniyazova – a digital artist. So an idea emerged to choose another “format” of creativity – to prefer the monitor to the canvas.

– I was tormented by questions: “What style should I draw in? What should I draw? What should I draw with?”. This is what happens to all beginners. But then I just started drawing. Often. Much. Regularly. And everything was found by itself: and the style that I like, and the theme, and the tool. Practice, constant practice, solves all problems.

Thus, there were born portraits, illustrations for children’s books, and even imitations of famous artists.

Despite the obvious talent, Ksenia is constantly learning – through video courses, studying the work of other artists, exchanging works on various portals, and accepting criticism.

A new project is planned – illustrations to Turkmen fairy tales. The first picture is about the beloved hero Yartygulak, a brave and clever boy of half an ear tall, who has experienced many adventures.

– Why are Turkmen fairy tales? I know the culture, the stories, the style. In my childhood, just as everyone else, I had a book – a collection of Turkmen folklore. And I dreamed that I could draw many illustrations even better.

In order to be more precise in the details that abound in national subjects, Ksenia visits exhibitions, studies patterns of embroidery and carpets, textures of fabrics. And she is going to devote the coming year to a conquest of new heights:

– From plans for 2020: I want to draw my own cartoon. Animated cartoon short of course! To do this, I started studying animation. Perhaps the cartoon will be with a Turkmen flavor in a modern way.

Ksenia is supported by her husband – designer Alexey. Together, they plan to launch a creative enterprise, within the framework of which they hope to cooperate with other organizations, including printing houses.