Digital healthcare – in the spotlight at the international online exhibition

Digital healthcare – in the spotlight at the international online exhibition

The largest online exhibition in the tech industry Consumer Electronics Show has opened. The show provides the possibility to see the latest innovations and developments in the field of technology displayed by both the giants of the tech industry and startups, innovators. It is a ground where the future of technology, technological trends, and also the possibility of creating a digital future using the fifth generation of mobile communications are discussed.

The leading companies are introducing innovative, home-safe solutions intended to help consumers make their lives more comfortable and safer.

Telemedicine has become one of the main topics. The exhibition presents the latest technologies in the field of digital healthcare, remote visits to medical institutions. In particular, these include devices that detect ailment in older people, especially at an early stage, gadgets for maintaining health in the normal condition, from smart thermometers to air purifiers.

An important element of telemedicine is tracking health data and using tools to better understand the risks of Covid-19. New mobile applications are presented for downloading a patient’s medical history, which he can share in one click with the doctor he has consulted.

The Japanese Company Axion Research has presented a system that uses artificial intelligence to predict the risk of developing diseases, including cancer and Alzheimer’s disease.