Difficult medals of Turkmen weightlifters in Tashkent

Difficult medals of Turkmen weightlifters in Tashkent

Three Turkmen weightlifters stepped onto the winners’ podium at the 6th International Solidarity Championship that takes place in Tashkent from February 8 to 12.

Yulduz Jumabayeva in the weight category 49 kg, despite the victory in the clean and jerk event (96 kg versus 95 kg) in a tough competition with Shazie Erdogan of Turkey, was second in the overall placing with the result of 168 kg.

Kristina Shermetova (55 kg), who returned to group “A”, became the holder of the “hard” bronze – the third place in all attempts, having lifted the total weight of 178 kg.

Seyitjan Mirzayev, a relatively new member of the weightlifting team of Turkmenistan, continues to win the hearts of fans. In Tashkent, this athlete performing in the weight category 55 kg could win third place in the overall. In the clean and jerk event, he lifted only a kilogram less to take the prize winning place, but a “small” gold in the snatch and the unattainable weight of 130 kg helped the athlete stay in the top three.

The next in turn for the championship medals are the brother and sister Aysoltan (81 kg) and Hojamuhammet (+109 kg) Toychiyevs, Rustem Annaberdiyev (81 kg) and Pirguly Pirguliyev (89 kg).

At the 6th International Adult Solidarity Weightlifting Championship, valuable points are awarded for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games qualification. In spring, a list of athletes to represent Turkmenistan at the most important four-year period sporting event will be announced.