Dietician told how to make the New Year not “difficult”…

Dietician told how to make the New Year not “difficult”…

It is already the New Year! So, it means that the time for cheerful and plentiful feasts which always tell well upon our state of health, comes. Many ask a question how not to overeat, when a tasty meal is so much that it will suffice for a month. About simple rules of a New Year’s diet for us told dietician Guzel Kerimova.

– Frequently the overeating goes hand in hand with celebratory feasts. Therefore I advise to use more vegetables and greens with dishes. The best variant is the Greek salad. It is low-calorie and will be good to absorb fat food, – the expert explains. – Greens and vegetables will be good for decoration of dishes, it is necessary to show your imagination.

From favourite mayonnaise of many people at the New Year’s night the dietician advises to refuse. As seasoning for salads it is better to use yoghurt, lemon juice, and soya sauce, mustard and olive oil. It is necessary to replace sausages with boiled meat.

– As the basic dish it is better to choose chicken baked in an oven or fish with vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice. These products will quickly be acquired by the organism and will help to avoid food frustration, – the dietician marks. – Cheese which comprises a considerable quantity of fats, is better to be replaced with cottage cheese. It is also light and will not overload the stomach. I also advise not to eat many sweets at the night feast, instead of them it is better to regale on fruits.

The food expert recommends not sitting at a festive table all night long:

– Go, move, dance, and go out for a walk. In a word, develop a good mood and enjoy the holiday. Unfortunately, there is a tendency that all the day we eat nothing, but only prepare dishes for a table and after we sit and we eat them. It leads that we are too quickly sated with meal and practically we do not move, – the dietician complains. – In order the holiday will not be saddened by the organism indispositions, I recommend to keep probiotics, enzymes for digestion improvement, and medicines for spasms of intestines and preparations for poisonings at hand in advance. Good luck!

Maya Ojarova