DESSANGE: French beauty-brand for Turkmen beauties

DESSANGE: French beauty-brand for Turkmen beauties

Already On Saturday in Ashgabat at the restaurant «Gül Zaman» a solemn presentation of opening of a beauty salon of French luxury brand DESSANGE will take place.

DESSANGE – a leader in the market of hairdresser’s art of class premium all over the world.

What is necessary to know about brand DESSANGE in Ashgabat, general director Victoria Kuliyeva, owner of the franchise told ORIENT news agency.

– DESSANGE is a prestigious international emblem of beauty of class “lux”, №1 in the world of haute couture of hairdresser’s art. Under the mark Dessange face care and body care products, a line of decorative cosmetics and cosmetics are made for hair – Phytodess.

The opening of beauty salon DESSANGE in our capital is rather significant event. The company creates more than 60 years new standards of beauty in the world. DESSANGE. We have chosen DESSANGE because it is the French glamour. Frenchmen are trendsetters of fashion – both in clothes, so, of course, and in hairdresses and make-up. What it is necessary to know about us first of all? This is high quality of services and professional production.

For today DESSANGE is a French brand most known in the world in the field of hairdresser’s art and products of hair care. DESSANGE is present in more than 47 countries (Japan, Austria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia …) in which more than 400 beauty parlours are presented.

Dessange is also represented in some CIS countries:

– In Kazakhstan the brand works already for more than 10 years. In Tashkent they opened their office last year. In Dushanbe. Now DESSANGE is in Ashgabat. Russia, of course, has a considerable quantity of salons – several in Moscow and St.-Petersburg, and in each big city.

To its beauty parlours worldwide DESSANGE makes strict demands so that each client in any corner of the planet could feel special and receive qualitative service.

– Under the contract of franchise we are demanded all: style, form, terms of training of personnel, all changes of the policy of the beauty parlour. The place of location of the beauty salon – only city centre. Conditions also should correspond to the general stylistics of brand – laconic, reserved glamour. Each detail of an interior changes in all world networks simultaneously. The special accent is made on cleanliness and sterility, for similar institutions it is an important point. Tools are sterilised specially for each client, disposable materials are as much as possible widely applied.

When the parlour was completely equipped, the most responsible part – training of masters started. For this purpose to Ashkhabad trainers from France were invited.

– Under the franchise contract twice a year our masters are trained by experts DESSANGE to be well informed about last novelties in colouring, packing, trends in the sphere. Once a year we receive them. Another time – we go to Paris. And 10 days since morning and till the evening they are only busy with us.

That is interesting; in DESSANGE there is an obligatory division into stylists which are engaged in hairdresses and hairstyles, and technologists whose work is devoted to hair-dyeing.

Dessange is famous for excellent techniques of hairstyles and colourings.

The patented technics of hairstyle DESSANGE allows creating images from classical to ultrafashionable, adapting for structure of hair of the client. Hairstyle Dessange – the personalised approach to each client in which the style and individual traits of the person are considered.

Legendary techniques of colouring have created a reputation of brand DESSANGE and reflect the personality of the woman. The Californian streaking was invented by the house Dessange in the 80-ties and it is still actual. Each colouring becomes unique, unmatched and magnificent. Technologists of the brand work on paints L’Оreal Professionnel and ammonia free Organic, ideally select shades, mixing them among themselves.

And this result – not only thanks to the high level of the personnel of the parlour. The brand also gives owners of the franchise the professional production – DESSANGE and PHYTODESS.

The SPA-branch of the beauty parlour renders services in aesthetic face and body care. Massages and masks – completely endless pleasure.

Besides classical SPA-procedures for face and body, in the parlour procedures and SPA-care of hair, services of nail service are rendered.

For two months the salon worked in a test mode of “pre-opening” – it is a process of improvement of rules of the given services by masters and study of professional production of the brand.

And ahead is a grandiose opening. The whole show devoted to the skill of transformation of ordinary girls into stars of the red carpet path. Evening in which there will be also visitors from Paris, who have entrusted into salon their name. It is a responsible moment and a beauty festival.