Designer from Turkmenistan – winner of the international festival in Uzbekistan

Designer from Turkmenistan – winner of the international festival in Uzbekistan

The designer from Turkmenistan, the founder of the brand with the same name, Ayna Izbasar, won the highest award – the Golden Needle of the II International Festival of National Clothes, held in the Uzbek city of Shahrisabz.

The designer presented a collection of outfits in which ethnographic motifs are creatively combined with modern trends.

Ayna Izbasar creates under the motto “clothes for everyone”, meaning not only comfort, but also style. She courageously experiments with the game of textures, the synthesis of folk art, heritage and new trends, while creating unusual images in everyday clothes and evening dresses.

Her collection includes dons, trouser suits, tunics decorated with embroidery and elements of national decor, etc. A curious part of the images she creates are traditional overshoes, also skullcaps, various accessories from aladja, Turkmen-style bags with very expressive details.

It was the creation of a costume that would be comfortable and beautiful, as well as their compliance with fashion trends, selection of fabrics and colors – these were the main conditions of the festival, in which the Turkmen designer won the jury’s choice.

In addition to Aina Izbasar, the “Golden Needle” of the competition was awarded to designers from Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, and the awards were also given to charming models flashing on the runway.

Last year, the Ayna Izbasar brand was presented at Modest Fashion Week in Moscow, whose goal is to demonstrate the ability to successfully combine tradition and modernity, as well as show the most interesting design solutions.

In general, elements of the Turkmen fashion find their response in the global fashion industry, harmoniously combined with its latest trends. Turkmen clothing style is unique in itself, combining the ability to meet the cultural norms of countries, and at the same time remain in trend. Foreigners are fascinated by the variety of styles of seemingly simple clothes, like a Turkmen dress or a variety of embroidery.