Delicious dograma and other dishes of the Turkmen cuisine

Delicious dograma and other dishes of the Turkmen cuisine

What has the Turkmen national cuisine – one of the most distinctive in the East, to offer? It is the uniqueness of the culinary techniques developed under the influence of climatic and geographical factors.

It is possible even nowadays to visit a real Turkmen yurt, drink aromatic tea made on fire from the teabowl and learn recipes of ancient dishes. Some restaurants, supporting the national flavor, demonstrate a whole range of oriental hospitality and offer customers not only to taste the dish, but also get acquainted with the gastronomic customs of the Turkmens.

Once they had to adapt to the harsh conditions of the desert. That is why, the main feature of the Turkmen cuisine is the nourishing value and simplicity, both in the choice of products and cooking meal. The main focus in this process is on meat dishes, and the Turkmens prefer lamb to all other meats.

One of the most popular meat dishes is govurma: pieces of meat fried in its own fat. This dish is served both in hot and cold forms. Frozen govurma preserves its gustatory quality for a long time and forms the basis of some Turkmen soups, such as “garba chorba”.

What certainly is not found in the cuisine of other Asian countries is dograma. Being one of the most original and ancient Turkmen dishes, dograma is still loved by the Turkmens and prepared on special occasions. The ingredients of dograma include fresh lamb, onion and dry flat bread “dograma chorek” or “petir”. People sing songs and shoot videos about dograma, and almost all Turkmens living in other countries admit that they miss this dish very much.

All family members take part in the collective dograma preparation process. They even invite neighbors for this.

Of course, the outstanding feature of the national cuisine of Turkmenistan is pilaf. Although this dish is the main courses in the cuisines of several Asian countries, and references to it are found in many fairytales and legends of the East, the Turkmens have kept their secrets for cooking this ancient meal that was tasted even by outstanding conqueror Alexander the Great.

– You can enjoy traditional Turkmen dishes in many restaurants and cafes in the country, Hezzet Restaurant staff member Murad Mammiyev said. – Our chefs always try to comply with the historical recipe features of a particular dish. If you want to learn the real Easten taste, come to Turkmenistan.