Days of Turkmen Culture in Turkey: Photo-report

Days of Turkmen Culture in Turkey: Photo-report

Inhabitants of Sivas city – the center of the homonymous province of Turkey – continue to get acquainted with the Turkmen culture, its heritage, traditions and modern art.

The concert program, the Turkmen artists presented to the Turkish public, became an insight into the world of folklore, which absorbed the beauty, depth and wisdom of ancient rituals, melodies, songs and dances, passed through the centuries and composed the “Golden Fund” of national culture nowadays.

In addition to the music show, the delegation of cultural figures of Turkmenistan brought an exhibition of rare carpets and jewelry, works of decorative and applied art and folk crafts and other samples of manual production, which exists today thanks to the craftsmanship school’s continuity and great demand among the present youth.

The visitors of the exhibition appreciated it precisely, sharing their admiration of the virtuosity of Turkmen embroiderers, carpet-makers and jewelers with our special correspondent.

Turkmen telpeks – gorgeous caps made of sheepskin, enjoyed great popularity, almost all visitors wanted to try them on in order to make exotic selfies.

ORIENT press photographer is presenting his report from the venue: