Day of Turkmen culture held at a festive exhibition in Ashgabat

Day of Turkmen culture held at a festive exhibition in Ashgabat

Culture has become the main theme of the seventh day of the festive exhibition of the achievements of Turkmenistan, held at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and dedicated to the 25th anniversary of Neutrality. On Monday, visitors, media representatives and guests of honor of the exhibition received pavilions representing the country’s creative life, its historical and cultural heritage and art.

The decoration of the exposition was music and songs performed by famous artists of the country and the orchestra of the Turkmen National Conservatory named after M. Kuliyeva, as well as performances by young talents.

The pavilion with traditional handmade carpets attracted everyone’s attention – this brand of Turkmen culture embodies the continuity of the ancient art craft, which many generations of craftswomen raised to the rank of high art.

The guest star here is an original Turkmen musician ( Serdar Haydarov is a multi-instrumentalist, composer and manufacturer of original musical instruments.

Once again, he demonstrated a virtuoso and mesmerizing playing on the tuiduk, immersing the listeners in the captivating world of the sounds of nature, its wind tunes, rustle of dunes and melodies that are born in the depths of the human heart.

photos by Mered ROZYYEV