Dashoguz schoolgirl – winner of the International competition for Russian-speaking children

Dashoguz schoolgirl – winner of the International competition for Russian-speaking children

A school girl from Turkmenistan, Marhaba Haitova, took the second place and became the winner of the recently completed Second International competition of verbal creativity for Russian-speaking children living abroad. The contest called “Factory of Words-2020” was initiated by the Parisian School-Studio “Surprise”.

Co-founders this contest, aimed to develop interest in the Russian language and Russian culture among the younger generation, were the Committee on Education and the Russian Language Coordination Council of Russian compatriots in France, the Association of Russian Children’s Literature “Letters” (Paris, France) with the participation of the “Russian World” Fund.

Marhaba Haitova from Dashoguz, a sixth-grade pupil of the specialized secondary school #24 with advanced study of foreign languages, took part in the competition together with children from 40 countries. Young authors from Australia, Austria, the Russian Federation, Great Britain, Sweden, Germany, Greece, Spain, Italy, Portugal, the USA, Malaysia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, etc. sent their creative works.

Marhaba was the winner in the nomination “The Best Fairy-tale”. According to the competition task, she wrote a story with the words “Petya” and “an apple”, showing an original imagination. The story turned out to be interesting and instructive with amusing and exciting plot. The young writer created memorable and picturesque characters that awaken readers’ empathy for these characters – the main character Petya, who combined good and evil, an old sorceress who gives admonishments to a naughty boy…

The story ends with the victory of light over darkness. The situations, that Petya gets involved in, encourage him to realize and draw the right conclusions from his misdeeds, learn to resist guile, and appreciate the best human qualities: generosity, honesty, and hard work.

Marhaba Haitova admits that her favorite subject at school is Russian language. And teachers confirm that she produces the meaningful and vivid summaries, compositions. The girl likes to read fairy tales, works of national folklore, Turkmen and foreign writers.

“Books give you the opportunity to learn a lot of amazing stories, travel, visit the world of miracles and magic, touch the mystery of human destinies. For me, books are the main source of knowledge that expands not only the horizons, but also the soul – for the good,” says Marhaba.

Participants of the Second International Competition “Factory of Words- 2020” also became two more pupils of the same school – Aiymjan Kurbanova and Leyli Zafarova were awarded Diplomas from the Organizing Committee of this creative competition.

Elmira Samandarova, an experienced Russian language teacher and winner of the 19th International Pushkin Competition, has prepared her pupils for the competition. Her foster children are activists of the School Russian Language Circle. The girls vow to continue their participation in international creative competitions.

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