Culture Days of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Turkmenistan: what, where, and when

Culture Days of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Turkmenistan: what, where, and when

Culture Days of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia that will run until April 21 have opened in Ashgabat. The artists will perform not only in the Turkmen capital, but also in the city of Mary. The program of cultural events includes concerts, fine arts exhibitions, meetings of scientists and artists, and master classes for students.

After the official opening of the Culture Days with a large concert of Arab artists, the following events are prepared for the residents of Ashgabat:

April 19 at 11:00 – opening of the exhibition in the Fine Arts Museum:

As part of Culture Days of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Turkmenistan, the Museum of Fine Arts will host exhibitions of engravings where it would be chance to get acquainted with amazing samples of fine and painstaking work on metal, stone and wood.

Ashgabat residents and guests to the capital will have a chance to see national costumes, fabrics, souvenirs and other works by Saudi craftsmen. It would be interesting and informative. Photographs of the Kingdom will serve as a colorful background for the exhibits.

April 19 at 16:00 – prsentation of Arab scientists at the TSU named after Makhtumkuli

A meeting between representatives of the countries’ scientific communities will take place in Magtymguly Turkmen State University’s conference hall. Scientists from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will speak on the outstanding role of the Great Silk Road and the historical and cultural relations between Turkmenistan and the Arabian Peninsula.

April 19 at 16:00 – meeting of creative artists and master class for students of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan

Simultaneously with the meeting of scientists, a meeting of creative figures of both countries will be held, during which the parties would exchange experience. Master classes will be held where Arab masters will share some secrets of virtuoso wood engraving and carving on other materials would be held for students of the State Academy of Arts of Turkmenistan specializing in the decorative and applied arts.

April 19 at 18:00 – Watan Cinema-Concert Hall

Folk and musical bands of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will give performances at Watan Cinema-Concert Hall for Ashgabat residents and guests of the capital. The guests will present to the public vocal and instrumental works of folk art and unusual and memorable dances of the Arabian Peninsula.

The uniqueness of the folklore of Saudi Arabia lies in the fact that his musical and dance works are based on ancient Bedouin traditions, close to shamanism, which once existed on the territory of Turkmenistan. They have a lot of monotonous rhythm, beating off to the drums and a hypnotizing listener, singing poems, detaining, like hot quicksand.

On April 20, the guests will visit the city of Mary – the gate of the Great Silk Road. On the same day, at 15:00, artists from Saudi Arabia will perform in the Kemine Drama and Music Theater in Mary.

April 21 at 18:00 – closing concert of Culture Days of Saudi Arabia

On April 21, the closing ceremony of the Culture Days of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will be held at Mukam Palace in Ashgabat, where the outcomes of the creative event will be summed up and a joint concert of Turkmen and Arab artists will be given.

It would be a great chance to see that between two Eastern cultures, no matter how geographically they far from each other, there are many common features.