Crop yield and environmental stability – balance according to the Altyn Toprak formula

Crop yield and environmental stability – balance according to the Altyn Toprak formula

Individual entrepreneur Byashim Bekiyev of Turkmenistan, Director of Altyn Toprak (Golden Land) Company can be called a venturer. He likes to overcome difficulties and respond to challenges. It was a challenge of nature – the degradation and salinization of lands – that prompted him to establish his own enterprise for the production of organic fertilizer or biohumus.

Biohumus is not just an additive to the daily “diet” of plants. It is also capable of suppressing the pathogenic microflora of the soil and destroying insect pests. This reduces the need for pesticides.

Raw materials for the fertilizer include livestock products and household organic waste. The technology is simple; waste, that during normal disposal, releases methane into the ground and atmosphere is processed by worms and becomes a useful and safe fertilizer for plants.

– Using biohumus, we can say for sure that the crop will be tasty and healthy. And the plant reproductive performance is high! And, most importantly, it can be gathered 2 weeks, even a month earlier, since biohumus fully satisfies the need of seeds for useful elements.

Altyn Toprak is the first organic fertilizer producer in the country certified according to ISO 9001: 2015. The product quality is confirmed by Turkmen and foreign laboratories. Now the company has the opportunity to export its products to international markets. The first request for biohumus was submitted by Kazakhstan. Nevertheless, Byashim Bekiyev is planning to focus on Akhal region in Turkmenistan.

– Now, I plan to sow plants and gather a good harvest on a small plot of 25 hectares. I want to prove that this is possible even in saline soils or in areas where gypsum residues are found. I plan to plant in pots so that the soil quality cannot affect the result.

There are also plans for the cultivation of okra, a vegetable crop that resembles somewhat between a zucchini and green beans. It requires lots of sun and warmth. It likes water and can be a great addition to familiar dishes.

Ahead is the expansion of the types of products: the production of liquid fertilizers, which can be used not only to feed roots, but also to spray plants, as well as fertilizers in the form of paste.

The production and use of biohumus will be beneficial in terms of both the ecology and the economy. That is, it reduces the area for landfills, and the cost associated with its transportation, as well as reduces the demand for foreign equivalents in line with the import substitution concept.