Creators of sweets. Is it easy to be a pastry-cook?

Creators of sweets. Is it easy to be a pastry-cook?

Many of us like to enjoy something sweet – a delicate cake or a tasty tart. But few people imagine how much effort and painstaking work is invested in these sweet but capricious desserts.

Guru of sweet pastries and founder of the “Elif desserts” brand Aziza told us about the hard, but very interesting work of the pastry-cook. For several years now, she has been pleasing Ashgabat residents with her products.

– I approach every work with great reverence, put my soul into it, the pastry-cook says. – After all, it is necessary to provide customers with high-quality, and at the same time, beautifully designed products.

For example, the process of making one tart takes several days. On the first day a biscuit is baked, on the other a cream is prepared. But the most difficult, according to Aziza, is to “assemble” the tart so that to make it a real masterpiece.

The first tasters are members of her family – children, thanks to whom Aziza became a skilled cake maker. She cooks incredibly delicious cheesecakes, pastries, desserts in glasses and other types of sweets.

– At first, there was no courage to treat others with my pastries. But over time, fear disappeared. I began to present my products to the public, including the Internet audience. So, the first customers appeared, Aziza shares.

Of course, it could not go without difficulties. It sometimes happened that it didn’t work out the way she wanted or planned, but she did not give up, went to the end. After all, success comes over time.

Aziza underwent master classes with experienced Russian confectioners, learning the techniques of making various desserts, the intricacies of the profession. Among them were well-known experts of the Moscow Confectionery Laboratory “BMB-bakery” and the Pekan School bakery courses.

Today, Aziza is happy to teach others to make pastries. During the year, she organized 20 training courses, including a large master class for children. She held her first master class in her hometown Balkanabat in a circle of acquaintances.

Just few days ago a special training was held on French pasta. And this is a rather difficult dessert to make.

– For a year I have been achieving the correct texture of pasta covers. After all, they are considered the most capricious pastries. And only now I have decided to give a master class at a professional level, the pastry-cook said.

Now Aziza is mastering the technique of making multi-layer wedding cakes and dreams of opening her own confectionery studio. After all, she thinks that creating exquisite sweet treats is real creativity and art to delight people.