Creative report of the Turkmen Conservatory: masterpieces and their fans

Creative report of the Turkmen Conservatory: masterpieces and their fans

The Turkmen National Conservatory named after Maya Kuliyeva hosted a colorful final concert that completed the series of numerous performances on the eve of summer. The regular creative report of students and teachers each time brings to the public the new young talents – musicians, conductors and composers.

The multi-genre concert palette was in the same line. It was represented by folk music, masterpieces of world classics, as well as works by Turkmen composers.

Teamwork and artistry became a distinctive feature of performers on folk musical instruments – dutar, canon and orchestral prima dutar. The folk melodies – the Turkmen “Neylyayin” performed by Gurban Chariyev, and the Russian “Kalinka” performed by Aylar Gurbanova were highly professional. The specific timbre of the national canon gave unusual sound to the play “Rondo” by Italian composer A.Bazzini, which was effectively performed by Bayramgul Amangeldiyeva.

Further, the instrumental wave was continued by the performers on classical instruments. Pianists Aygul Silgeldiyeva and Ogulkeyik Hodjagurbanova, as well as violinists Mahri Agadjanova, Jennet Soltanova and Aybolek Muhieva masterfully played the works of G. Venyavsky, I. Brahms, F. Chopin.

The performance of a quartet of wind and percussion instruments composed of Ilgiz Galimov (saxophone), Baba Muhamedov (tenor saxophone), Kakageldy Gurbanmuradov (drum set) and Natella Bagirova (piano) was the culmination of the part of solo and ensemble numbers of the program. The musicians enthusiastically performed I. Garland’s popular jazz composition “Inspiration”, causing an ovation from the audience.

The layer of vocal music presented in the program of the reporting concert deserves special attention. It is good that modern singers are confidently continuing the traditions introduced by the luminaries of vocal performance in Turkmenistan, in particular, People’s Artist Maya Kuliyeva, as the Turkmen National Conservatory is named after her.

Vocal compositions by Pietro Mascagni and Aman Agadjikov at the reporting concert were performed by students of the department of solo singing Merdan Hyakimov and Tylla Sariyeva. The work “Elvan Guller” by Dangatar Hydyrov has long admired the audience with its amazing nature. But this time, at the concert, it was performed in the most delicate interpretation in a cappella by the chamber choir. After that, the ceremonial Polonaise of Mikhail Glinka performed by the student choir of the conservatory was of bright dynamic contrast.

Along with the compositions of Aman Agadjikov, Akmurad Charyev, Dangatar Hydyrov that widely known and loved among listeners, the music of student composers of the conservatory, Tylla Shirmamedova and Alisher Bazarov, was first presented in the reporting concert. Their mentor, People’s Artist of Turkmenistan Dangatar Hydyrov, told about the outstanding natural gift of the performers, as well as their amazing desire to comprehend all the secrets of composer art.

The concert featured the second part of the Symphonietta by Tylla Shirmamedova that was performed by the student symphony orchestra. This work, inspired by the magic of folk music, in particular the skill of the game by Purli Saryev, contains intonations of folk melodies that the young composer skillfully intersperses in the symphonic canvas.

“Being a native of the coastal region of the country, which is distinguished by abundance of genres of song folklore, Tylla, during her study, nevertheless showed her attraction to the genres of instrumental music,” Dangatar Hydyrov says. “In contrast, my second student, Alisher Bazarov, is about large vocal and symphonic music. Despite his youth, he, thanks to his natural instinct and ability to instantly respond and embody the modern trends in music, is very much in demand today and works a lot and works productively, and I am very glad of this.”

The work “Turkmenistan – the Homeland of Neutrality” by Alisher Bazarov is a patriotic ode for soloists, choir and orchestra. The final concert of students of the Turkmen National Conservatory, who, according to their strict and demanding tutors, will soon join the famous performers of the country, was concluded by this solemn apotheosis