Creative exhibition-fair from professionals and amateurs

Creative exhibition-fair from professionals and amateurs

A one-day cultural event – an art exhibition-fair, aimed to acquaint the people of Ashgabat and the guests of the capital with the work of Turkmen painters and graphic artists, jewelers and craftsmen of applied arts – was held in Ashgabat. It was possible not only to admire the expositions, but also, for a nominal fee, to purchase the exclusive works from real fine workmen for your home collection.

A wide choice of objects that reflect the richness of the original cultural heritage and national traditions of the Turkmen people attracts many local and foreign fans and connoisseurs of art.

A significant part of the exhibition consisted of paintings and miniature sculpture. A variety of creative handwriting, material used and artistic styles of paintings satisfied fans of painting of different ages and taste preferences.

Avant-garde, modern, expressionism and other styles by expert and young masters of the brush, working in oils, watercolors or acrylics were presented. The participants of the event could communicate with artists and discuss modern trends in art.

Terracotta figurines – loaded with luggage camel, colorful long-bearded elders, singing bakhshi, painted ceramics and wood products – attracted the attention.

In total, about twenty artists from all regions of the country, each of whom is a persona in art worthy of a separate story, took part in the exhibition. Amateurs, who only take the first steps in art, but have already shown their handwriting, have become participants of the fair.

The organizers hope that the action will attract to the art those who have not yet decided to express themselves in art:

– Today, the boundaries between professionals and beginners have become obliterated, because each person can feel beauty and knows how to express himself.