COVID-19: Turkmenistan – an oasis in the desert of viruses

COVID-19: Turkmenistan – an oasis in the desert of viruses

Recently the information published abroad, does not differ with special variety. They remind frontline reports from places of fierce battles with a considerable quantity of more victims.

Not so long ago on TV channel «Russia 24» a documentary film «COVID-19. Case history» was shown and then was loaded onto YouTube. In Anna Afanaseva’s special reporting it was told about those problems which the mankind faced because of global spread of an unknown virus of today.

Today, on May 30, a second series of the documentary film «COVID-19. Case history -2» in which experience of different countries in combating coronavirus is brought, was aired on the television.

What is interesting of the film for us? After all, materials on this theme take the same place in total amount of world publications, as the spread of coronavirus on our planet.

The matter is that in the second series of the documentary film ta big episode is given to the experience of Turkmenistan as a unique country which this ill-fated virus has avoided.

Is it truth? How can it be so? What measures were undertaken by the state to withstand penetration of the dangerous virus into the territory of the country?

These and other questions during journalistic investigation are answered with the author of the special reporting – Anna Afanaseva, anchor-woman of TV channel “Russia-24”, art director of creative space Newsroom, owner of the award TEFI.

Anna is a rather famous journalist, her documentary films which she has been made within 10 years, have an extensive geography from the Korean peninsula, Uganda and to Faroe Islands.

«While the whole world continues to combat COVID-19, Turkmenistan remains an oasis in the desert of viruses. Officially this is an only country in the post-Soviet territory which the infection has avoided» – Anna says in her reporting.

The site ORIENT has responded to Anna’s request and has rendered her assistance in material gathering about Turkmenistan for the documentary film «COVID-19. Case history-2».

You can look at the full version of the film on TV channel «Russia 24» today, on May, 30 – Moscow time: at 16.09 and 23.09, and on May 31 at 14.09 and 22.10, and also on YouTube.

We suggest you to watch fragments from the film: