“Cornucopia”, or How to attract good luck for the whole year

“Cornucopia”, or How to attract good luck for the whole year

In the coming 2021, it is due time to “take the bull by the horns”. Taking over the baton from the mistress of earthly destinies – the Rat, the white metal Ox is already on the threshold of the New Year. And although according to the Eastern calendar, the Ox will become a full-fledged master of 2021 only on February 12, it is time to think about purchasing a talisman that will bring good luck throughout the entire twelve-month cycle.

The ancient Greek legend about Heracles, who won in the battle the tauriform river God Achelous, says that possessing remarkable strength, Heracles turned out one horn of Achelous, but did not kill his victim. Impressed by such generosity, Achelous gave the world his horn, which began to fill with all kinds of goods for people, for which it was called the “Horn of Plenty”. There are many myths on this point, but one thing is true that the “Cornucopia” has been associated with wealth and luck since ancient times.

In Turkmenistan, Parthian rhytons were discovered during the excavations at the ancient city of Nisa. These unique vessels resembling an animal horn in appearance were widespread in the era of antiquity. Funnel-shaped artifacts of Nisa were made of ivory. These were used in sacred rites and ritual libations, from which it follows that our remote ancestors believed that drinking from the horn brings prosperity and wealth to the house.

Today the “Cornucopia” is found in gift shops in the form of figurines made of porcelain and bronze. Pendants in the form of a horn are especially popular. Among the exclusive jewelry there may be also a horn with an opening lid. Such a talisman is very easy to charge so that your cherished dream comes true.

This requires a small piece of paper on which a clearly defined wish is written. At midnight on the New Year’s Eve, a piece of paper should be burned, and the ashes should be carefully placed in the pendant, not forgetting to close the horn lid tightly. The “magic” talisman can be worn as a jewel, and a made wish will definitely come true.

The “Cornucopia” presented in the form of an original edible dish can also decorate a festive New Year’s table. The conical shape of the horn is made from dough and filled with sweets at the discretion of creative hostesses. Culinary sites offer a variety of “Cornucopia” recipes, from desserts to holiday main courses.

A symbol of good luck as an amulet and a gift can be made by own hands. And no matter what your personal “Cornucopia” will be made of, since the main thing is what you will fill it with. For those who wish to attract material well-being, it will not be out place to put coins and banknotes in the horn. But if you dream of purchasing a car or your own house, it is advisable to attach toy models of them to the mouth of your horn.

That is, any dream symbol should become an important component of the fullness of the personal “Cornucopia”. But do not forget that when placing the talisman, the mouth of the “Horn of Plenty” should be directed exclusively into the home. Then luck, prosperity, happiness and money will not bypass your house in the coming year.