Continuing traditions of ancestors

Continuing traditions of ancestors

A special place among musical instruments in the east from time immemorial has been taken with the drum. The keeper of historical traditions and permanent companion of the individual, during ancient times it was used in ritual, ceremonial and celebratory actions.

Today none of the festivities goes without the sound of triumphing drums and they have strongly entered into customs and traditions of Turkmen weddings. And what else if not the drum which sounds from all ends, will announce the holiday which has come to a concrete house? Many ancient musicians produced instruments by hand, having a presentiment of sound birth at deep level. Handmade drums were capable to lift the fighting spirit of soldiers going to battle.

Continuing traditions of ancestors, Turkmen national Ruslan Orazmuhammedov not only plays the historical instrument, but also makes drums himself. Like many boys, he since his childhood has fallen in love with folk music and inclined towards it’s with all his heart. Long process of knowledge which proceeds to this day has begun with his study at the music school.

In the collection of Ruslan there are some man-made drums. It is the percussion instrument nagara, which the musician takes with himself to his work and festivities, the ancient percussion instrument darbuka, the West African drum djembe and others. The guy admits that he likes to experiment sounds and, combining different percussion instruments, aspires to new rhythms in a traditional manner.

– Drums are made of plastic, tree, genuine leather and other materials, – tells Ruslan. – Therefore each of them has its characteristics sound. For example, “leather” percussion instruments sound very beautifully, they have a deep sound. Plastic instruments keep sounding even in rainy weather, unlike wooden which has property to muffle melody, reacting to low temperature. But drums with the wooden case surpass others in a timbre.

During development of game and creation of drums Ruslan developed secrets and skills about which he, keeping professional secret, asks not to tell. Clearly one – music lives in everything, and any subject in hands of the master can turn into an exclusive musical instrument. For creation of “his” music Ruslan gets acquainted with set of compositions of different nations of the world, however he always comes back to Turkmen folklore and is the avid fan of creativity of drummer-virtuoso Hakberdi Allamuradov.

To make one drum is not easier, than to play it. To begin with the plastic case is ground with emery strap. By its diameter, by means of soldering iron, tiny apertures are put, they will serve as an original seam where the tense material will join the basic case.

The genuine leather is soaked in warm water and when it becomes pliable soft, stretches on the case of the future drum. And that it has exactly laid down along the edges of the case, it heat up by lamps. From the size and case’s height, and also the instrument’s tonality will depend on the diameter of the neck. To adjust it the rigid ropes which have been started up on the perimeter of all drum will help. The new instrument should lie down a week before it again is required to be adjusted.

– To all to it I was taught by my brother, – continues Ruslan Orazmuhammedov. – In my youth we did not presume to buy expensive professional instruments and made them by hand. But also today we do not cease to create percussion instruments which give us a possibility of creative search. In the future I dream to make a drum bongo – the Cuban dual drum for now I continue to rehearse and search daily for myself for all new rhythms.