Contest for the best civil project announced in Central Asia

Contest for the best civil project announced in Central Asia

Kazakhstan Association for the development of civil society “Argo” has started accepting applications for participation in the competition for the best civil project in Central Asia and Azerbaijan.

The competition is entitled “Level Up Prize”, which means the transition to a new level of development. And it has its own sense. According to the head of the Association “Argo”, Jamilya Asanova, projects born in the Central Asian space that have changed people’s lives for the better are of particular interest. This means that the most striking examples of civil activity deserve to be popularized and widely get awareness.

Any civil initiative, regardless of the scale of the action, can be recognized as the best. This may be a project that motivated changes in a small village, or, for example, campaigns addressed to the solution of social issues of a certain group. The main thing is that they all appeal to the feelings of the public, and, through encouraging for concrete steps, bring tangible results.

The coverage of the competition program is quite wide. It can be attended by non-profit organizations, business structures, as well as simply active citizens.

This year the competition for the best civil initiative will be held for the fourth time. In 2017, one of the winners of the contest was the Turkmen youth education network Y-PEER functioning in the country under support of the UN Population Fund (UNFPA).

So, contestants for the “Level Up Prize” are invited to submit an application by 30 April this year by filling out the online form at

The most active and positive, and therefore the best one will be determined by online voting, and the awarding ceremony will be held on the sidelines of the international conference “Insights into Development”, which will be held on 13-14 June 2018 in Almaty.