Competition of Sushi Masters will be held in Ashgabat

Competition of Sushi Masters will be held in Ashgabat

The Embassy of Japan in Turkmenistan jointly with the online platform invites everyone interested to the first in Turkmenistan Competition of Sushi Masters.

The purpose of the culinary competition is to promote a closer acquaintance of Turkmen citizens with Japanese culture and national cuisine of the Land of the Rising Sun.

Dishes of fish, seafood and rice are the gastronomic hallmark of Japan. Their preparation is a real science, since it is necessary not only to know the technology and have the appropriate skill, but also to be able to beautifully decorate.

The competition will be held in several stages. In the first round, participants will pass qualification for a sous-chef. They will be given a special manual, after studying which knowledge of competitors will be tested. As a result, the 8 strongest will go to the second round, where they will demonstrate their skills in the preparation of Japanese dishes.

At a special venue, contestants for speed will prepare sushi, rolls and sashimi, which would be in different styles. Speed is also an important criterion in the preparation of such dishes. The guest should try a fresh food and enjoy all flavors of its taste.

In addition to speed, the participants will be qualified for the cooking process organization and cleanliness, the quality of cooking and serving, and taste of the dish. The participant will receive 20 points for each item. Extra points will be awarded by the chef of the Japanese Embassy in Turkmenistan. A contestant who scores the highest points will win the Competition of Sushi Masters.

In the future, such a competition is expected to follow on a regular basis.

The deadline for submitting applications for the Competition of Sushi Masters – 2019 is until October 10. Additional information can be found on the website of the organizers.