Companies from Kazakhstan sign contracts at the CEF-2019

Companies from Kazakhstan sign contracts at the CEF-2019

Twelve companies from Kazakhstan took part at the 1st Caspian Economic Forum, which was held on August 11-12 in Avaza National Tourist Zone on the Turkmen coast of the Caspian Sea.

At the International Exhibition of Innovative Technologies and Motor Review held in the framework of the CEF-2019, Kazakh business was represented by companies working in the field of transport, road construction, digital and aerospace technologies, pharmacy and electrical equipment.

On the sidelines of the forum, international B2B meetings were held, agreements and prospects for cooperation were discussed, and the Kazakh pharmaceutical company DolcePharm has already signed a 400 thousand US dollars contract for supply of disposable medical devices.

As experts expected, the Caspian Economic Forum drew a wide response in the world media during its holding, while its economic effect would be seen a little later, when the agreements concluded at the forum start to work and the projects would “embody in flesh”.

Anyway, Ashgabat achieved its goal to create a regular international platform for negotiations on the development of economic cooperation in the Caspian region. Turkmenistan became a pioneer in this project and was the first to host the Caspian Economic Forum.

According to the first appraisals in the media, Turkmenistan held the event quite successfully, as they say in such cases – “at a high level”. It would be easier to other coastal countries as they can be guided by the Turkmen experience.

Well, the start is given, the Turkmen initiative has been taken up, and the next, 2nd Caspian Economic Forum is scheduled to be held in Astrakhan.