Colorful paintings on water – the ancient art of ebru at the exhibition in Ashgabat

Colorful paintings on water – the ancient art of ebru at the exhibition in Ashgabat

The centuries-old history of painting proves to us that the anything like paper, fabric, walls and pavements, leaves, wood, metal, glass, and a nutshell can be used as canvas for creativity of ever-active artists … And every time something truly unique appears to the viewer.

Today, residents of Ashgabat have made aware of something truly unique – the Turkish practice of ebru painting on water. In honor of the Day of Culture and Poetry of Makhtumkuli, the Museum of Fine Arts of Turkmenistan hosts the exhibition of ebru masters – Kubilay Dincher and his student Nilufer Mutlu.

The exhibition, organized with the support of the Embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Turkmenistan and the Turkish Airlines, gathered famous artists of Turkmenistan, numerous art historians and ordinary people interested in an unusual technique of painting.

At the opening day, Kubilay Dincher sat down at a peculiar canvas and in a few minutes created two awesome paintings – an abstraction and a Turkish tulip, demonstrating to the guests the simplicity, elegance and uniqueness of such a way of creativity.

When the visitors wondered what, besides paper, the water masterpieces could be “printed out”, Nilufer Mutlu drew their attention to the installation next to the “working” place. There were notepads, wallets and silk scarves decorated with ebru patterns.

– The image can be transferred to any absorbent surface – paper, fabric, leather, wood, and ceramics. “Anything you want can be painted in ebru style, she said.

The ebru patterns are the result of color floated on either plain water or a viscous solution. Various additives or surfactant chemicals are used to help float the colors like plant Hevea, ox gall and various minerals. “Absolutely natural!” Kubilay Dincher smiles and turns red and green spots on water into a scarlet flower using thin styluse.

Guests asked artists to draw something as a memory. The artists pleased the visitors with many paintings on paper, including the night sky with stars scattered over it, the marble streaks, flowers …

The youth was impressed a lot by ebru painting on water thanks to Nilufer Mutlu – the kids actively helped the artist to draw abstractions that are truly amazing in ebru. You can spend hours watching on interweaving of lines and colors. Besides, the paintings can be made by neon colors that can light even in the dark.

But not only abstractions and flowers can be created using ebru technique. Everything is possible: urban and rural landscapes, still lifes, architectural sketches, ornaments … There are no limits to creativity – only fantasy.

The exhibition will run until June 22 and is available to everyone. After its completion, some of the master’s works will be put up for auction at the Embassy.