CNN: iPhone will be able to recognize the presence of a mask on the faces of the owners

CNN: iPhone will be able to recognize the presence of a mask on the faces of the owners

American Apple smartphones will “learn” to determine the presence of a mask on the face of the owner when trying to unlock the device using Face ID technology. This was reported by CNN television citing sources.

Owners of iPhone smartphones in a pandemic of the new coronavirus faced a problem in which gadgets stopped “recognizing” them with a mask on their faces. The company itself some time ago clarified that Face ID was not originally intended for face recognition in masks. “Face ID is designed to perceive the visible part of your eyes, nose and mouth,” Apple said, stressing that smartphones can also be unlocked with a password.

However, as CNN emphasizes, many users are uncomfortable with the fact that the keys to enter the secret code that unlocks the device appear on its screen only after several unsuccessful attempts by the smartphone to scan the face of the owner. According to the television company, Apple intends to fix this problem in the new version of the iOS operating system, which may become available soon.

It is expected that developers will add the recognition of the presence of a mask on the user’s face  to the iPhone. This will not save device owners from the need to enter a digital code, but will allow them to spend much less time on this event. It is assumed that as soon as the smartphone “sees” the protective tool on the user’s face, it will be asked to activate the buttons for entering the password using “swipe” (swipe) from the bottom up.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in early April recommended that Americans protect their faces with fabric masks. In many states, local authorities have mandated residents to wear these protective equipment when visiting stores, pharmacies, and other crowded places.