Yellow River civilisation as a source of the Chinese nation

Yellow River civilisation as a source of the Chinese nation

The last action «Pearl of the Yellow river, Star of the Silk Road» took place on Friday in Lanchow, capital of the province of Gansu in the northwest of China, within the limits of 10th Lanzhou Yellow river festival of cultural tourism.

The action was organised by the China Daily and the local government, it was directed to the development of culture and tourism industry in Lanzhou, a city on the bank of the Yellow river.

The Chinese and foreign speakers shared their vision of inheritance and development of Yellow river civilisation and also reasons about its global significance and the development of the Belt and Road Initiative.

«Yellow river is the mother river of the Chinese nation. The civilisation of the Yellow river – an integral part of the Chinese civilisation», – Zhou Shuchun, the publisher and editor-in-chief the China Daily told.

As he said, the river which flows throughout millennia, cultivated spirit of indefatigable self-improvement, persistence, national unification and openness, forming, thus, spirit of Lanzhou – inclusiveness , persistence, innovation and harmony.

He told that, being an important communication facility of China with the whole world, the China Daily will continue to shine news about reduction of poverty and reforms in Gansu.

Wang Jiayi, Gansu province’s publicity chief, said as an essential hub of the ancient Silk Road, Gansu is a strategic tunnel connecting China with west and central Asia. The local government has been striving to protect the Yellow River civilization and ecosystem and build Lanzhou into a tourism hub through the Belt and Road Initiative.