City of hope: China, we are with you!

No noise, no traffic jams. It is 7 p.m., but it looks like 3 a.m. at night … These are video footages have been captured in Wuhan. The SCO China Committee on Neighbourhood, Friendship and Cooperation has shared with the ORIENT a video titled “No panic, Wuhan, we are waiting for you!”

How long does it take to take off the mask and ask a face-to-face question “Have you eaten?” An outbreak was first reported in the city of Wuhan and it has since spread across the whole country, locking it down from the world. However, support helps to cope with it, and everyone has love and hope in their heart.

There is only one goal – “We will return Wuhan!”, and we believe in Wuhan. Do not be afraid! Wait a bit. And the city will come back to life again along with revived metro and crowded streets as well as new buildings will be raised up. Wuhan, we are waiting for you!