Christmas sweets in Turkmen style

Christmas sweets in Turkmen style

Gingerbread toppers are a whole pastry history. The first reference to honey cakes dates back to the 350s BC. What can be said? People enjoyed sweets at all times.

And when should the most delicious gifts for Christmas prepared? Resident of Ashgabat Olga Dolinskaya, lover of beautifully decorating her house and preparing treats personally, knows this very well.

Once a woman had an idea to paint ginger and honey toppers (in other words, gingerbread cookies on a stick) in a national style. Such a treat is akin to a work of art, which is a pity to eat, so as not to spoil the beauty. Intricate patterns, caravans of camels and even tamdyr are skillfully fashioned by a craftswoman from dough. What inspires her to create such original treats?

– I spent my childhood in Turkmenistan, and I grew up here and absorbed a love for bright national color. There are paintings in my house by famous Turkmen artist Kosek Nurmuradov, whose original characters inspired me to create a whole series of gingerbread cookies imitating the painter’s style. My first gingerbread toppers were far from ideal, until I attended a master class, where I learned some cooking secrets, Olga says.

Now the hostess herself is giving demonstration lessons on the preparation of sweet treats, and, by the way, the process of baking such gingerbread cookies is not fast. It takes several days to create an edible “masterpiece”.

As the first step dough is kneaded and kept for a certain time in the refrigerator. Then it is baked, and only the next day it is coated with glaze. The third step is the most entertaining part – painting and tinting. Ready-made gingerbread cookies are very large, similar to toys, and many do not believe that they can be eaten.

By the New Year’s Holiday, Olga created a gingerbread Christmas wreath, which was decorated with a cotton boll, snowflakes and New Year’s stars. The woman admits that her one else passion is brooch in the national style. These edible “jewelry” pieces are also in the collection of her products.

No, Olga is far from an artist, and she attended the drawing circle only in childhood. But the love for painting and cooking was reflected in her current original creative occupation. Each gingerbread is painted by hand, and before appearing as a sweet treat, its paper sketch is made.

Olga adds spices to honey toppers: cinnamon, cardamom, ginger. By perfecting her skills, the woman admits that over three years of her passion for baking, trial and error, she gained personal secrets of cooking. Even Olga’s first culinary mentors admitted that she managed to surpass them in skill.

– In the New Year, I would like to wish everyone to bake something tasty with the whole family. Do not be afraid of involving children in cooking; let everyone contribute to the preparation of treats for the New Year’s table. Do not even think to be upset if something does not work out, as the most important thing is that this is done with your own hands.