Chinese graffiti, or why Gogol was not born in the Celestial Empire

Chinese graffiti, or why Gogol was not born in the Celestial Empire

No sooner had the Chinese Chongqing rejoiced at the launch of a high-speed motor-car train, when in the neighboring province of Hebei, a freight train left the production line, which has no equal in speed not only in China, but throughout the world!

Too rapid a leap, even taking into account the fact that those who invented it are the Chinese.

Three and a half hundred kilometers per hour is the speed of a sports car! Even higher than Schumacher’s!

And now the most ordinary Chinese will travel at the same speed in passenger cars. So, from Chongqing they will be able to “fly” by train to Chengdu in no more than 1 hour and 2 minutes.

It’s time to exclaim: What kind of Chinese doesn’t like driving fast?! And immediately recall the immortal Nikolai Vasilyevich: There are no Gogols in the Celestial Fatherland!

… God bless my memory, there was some film about how difficult it is to spend a million dollars in a month. I am sure it is! But it turns out to be very easy to lose a billion (!) dollars in one day.

Moreover, not one billion, but more than three and a half! December 25, Jack Ma – aka Ma Yun in Chinese, the owner of a Chinese Internet company (by the way, the largest in Asia), said goodbye to 3.6 billion dollars!

The fault of his colossal losses is the collapse of the company’s shares on the New York and Hong Kong stock exchanges.

And, in turn, the blame for the collapse of Alibaba’s shares is the investigation of the company’s activities by the formidable PRC Market Control Department.

… We live in an amazing time. Losing $3.6 billion in one day, while with a salary of one and a half thousand dollars a month, a commonplace worker will have to work for (God forbid my arithmetic inclinations) – 145 thousand years to save up such an amount!

In other words: this poor fellow would have had to start his labor activity before our closest ancestors appeared on the sinful earth.

Moreover: to work, from those times to the present day, in order for this entire unimaginable period to earn no less than Jack Ma (aka Ma Yun) lost in one day together with his Alibaba (not to be confused with a character from fairy tales “1000 and one night”).

Although the very fact of losing such an amount in such a minimal period is more abrupt than the beloved oriental fairy tale sparkling with all facets of a diamond…

Aleksandr BAYRIYEV