Chinese Company Lovol invites Turkmen agricultural producers to cooperate

Chinese Company Lovol invites Turkmen agricultural producers to cooperate

Agriculture is one of the key sectors of the economy in Turkmenistan, which dynamic development and potential attracts the attention of foreign partners.

Thus, the leading Chinese Company with many years of experience, Lovol Heavy Industry CO., LTD, invites Turkmen agricultural producers to cooperate. Chinese machinery of this brand has several advantages such as a powerful engine, improved interior design and convenient operation. A specific feature is the chassis with system cooling to maintain the optimum thermal state of the engine.

For example, a 60-liter fuel tank of Lovol TB404 tractor provides its high performance. It also has a standard mechanical shuttle lever for smooth operation and a combination of two speeds, which perfectly conforms to the operating requirements.

The Chinese Company Lovol Heavy Industry guarantees high-quality maintenance, timely delivery of spare parts and the relevant warranty for the products. The order can be placed on the Company Website. To do this, enter your data and wait for an answer with further recommendations.

It should be noted that various types of state benefits are provided for Turkmen agricultural entrepreneurs.

According to the Presidential Decree of October 12, 2018, banks in Turkmenistan allocate soft loans to farmers’ associations and farms, agricultural joint-stock companies and research institutes, as well as private entrepreneurs engaged in the agricultural production and non-state legal entities-residents for the purchase of agricultural machinery, mechanisms and tools used in agriculture.

All products of the company comply with international standards. To date, it has created a business network covering not only agricultural equipment, but also construction equipment and vehicles, which are exported by Lovol to more than 120 countries and regions, including Europe, America, the CIS, Africa, etc.

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Lovol Heavy Industry CO., LTD is a large industrial equipment manufacturing company with the main focus on agricultural and construction machinery. The company annually produces 100 000 tractors, 50 000 grain combine harvesters, 120 000 diesel engines and almost 350 000 sets of axles and transmissions.