ChinaDaily highlighted the creation of ORIENT VR Code

ChinaDaily highlighted the creation of ORIENT VR Code

ORIENT was one of the first in Turkmenistan to create its own VR Code (Visual Recognition Code) that contains all useful information about the website, and is quickly recognized by any reader. This event was also highlighted by the partner of Media-Turkmen News Agency, ChinaDaily News Portal

– Progress has an effect on all aspects of our lives, and in recent years there has been so much talk about the need for rapid digitalization of data not only in the economy, but in all areas of human activity, the authors of the article point out.

Digitalization implies development of the fields of information and communications technologies and includes the television, the Internet, the IT sector, and software. This is an economy that works through digital technologies, the Internet-bound services.

Providing information through codes began with a barcode. It provides a possibility to find out the country of origin of the product, its type and destination. Then appeared QR Codes (Quick Response), which began to be widely used in trade, as well as tourism, museum studies and cultural events. By scanning such a code, the user could get much more information.

The next step was the VR Codes, which were introduced in 2010 by the Chinese Company VR Code Technology. Compared to the QR Code, the VR Code contains a huge amount of information that becomes irreplaceable in areas such as exhibitions, trademarks promotion, advertising, tourism, product certification, medicine, agriculture, the media and many others.

As of today, millions of people, more than eighty thousand enterprises in many countries of the world are using the VR Code.

– And therefore, we are especially pleased that the ORIENT website of the Media-Turkmen News Agency was one of the first companies in Turkmenistan which was assigned its own VR Code, our partners from ChinaDaily report.

The new code has already been posted on the ORIENT homepage. Using it, each reader can quickly and easily install the mobile version of the ORIENT.TM application onto their smartphone or tablet, and always keep abreast of the latest events in Turkmenistan and around the world.

The appearance of the ORIENT website’s VR Code has not gone unnoticed for some other media agencies. For example, the BelTA News Agency posted a publication about this.