China opens its market for imports

China opens its market for imports

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the China International Import Exhibition in Shanghai, President Xi Jinping said that in recent years, the country has made significant progress in expanding imports and reducing tariffs. It is reported by the Chinese daily social-political newspaper China Daily.

According to the Chinese leader, all five measures to further expand the market, announced at the previous exhibition, have been in general implemented.

Xi Jinping called on everyone to decisively oppose the establishment of a customs policy with high duties on imported goods, and build a global economy of openness and cooperation. In this regard, he suggested reducing trade barriers and avoiding the formation of a technological gap.

He declared that China will continue to reduce tariffs and institutional costs, will pay more attention to the role of imports. To expand the import of high-quality products and services from other countries, a number of innovative demonstration zones will be created.

According to Chairman Xi Jinping, China, which will certainly have even brighter prospects for economic development, will provide other countries with more opportunities in terms of market, investment and growth.