China named effective methods of combating coronavirus

China named effective methods of combating coronavirus

The experience of China has shown that wearing masks, hand hygiene and maintaining social distance are effective methods of preventing the spread of COVID-19, said the head of the disease prevention department of the State Committee on health issues of China Cui Gang.

“Despite the fact that now the vaccine will be primarily provided to only part of the population at risk, the rest do not need to worry. We have a lot of effective tools for preventing the epidemic, for example, wearing masks in public places, maintaining social distance, and hand hygiene. All these methods in the process of preventing the epidemic have proven to be very effective, so everyone needs to take personal protective measures,” Cui Gang said at the briefing.

The State Health Committee of China announced that it is starting work to vaccinate the population at risk, but how many people will be vaccinated, at what time and with which vaccine, was not specified.

The epidemiological situation in China is generally stable; the main threat to the country’s authorities is currently the probability of importing the virus from abroad.

In total, since the beginning of the epidemic in China, 86,806 people have fallen ill, of which 4,634 have died, 81,865 have recovered. 307 people with COVID-19 are currently in hospitals.