«Children – the most grateful public»: if it is easy to be an animator?

«Children – the most grateful public»: if it is easy to be an animator?

The positive atmosphere of any holiday is the main task of an animator. This “cheerful” trade originates with fair buffooneries where buffoons and “entertainers-jokers” did not allow the public to feel bored. Animators are able to entertain children of different age and to present them a great number of impressions of surprising shows.

One of the creative groups famous in Turkmenistan «Art Mix» is famous for interactive programs for children. Actors of the creative team offer not only entertaining, but also informative shows, immersing kids in the world of science in the way most favourite for them – a game method.

– Having long-term experience as an actor at the drama theatre,  I wanted to create for children something original and entertaining as children – the most grateful public, – speaks the ideological head of the group «Art Mix» Stanislav Troitsky.     – In the work of animators a leading role played by a direct dialogue and interaction with children is the most difficult and interesting part. It happens that children are capricious, lose attention, therefore each actor should have his own tricks and ruses to involve the child in game.

Foam and scientific illusory “Tesla-shows” are most popular among children’s public of show of huge soap bubbles. Great scientist Nikola Tesla spoke: «Energy is everywhere, it is poured in the air, it is necessary only to be able to see it».

– At first we always study, as scientific programs work, than they can be fascinating and useful to children. So, for example, the “Tesla-show” became very claimed not only in the festive atmosphere. We are often invited to open a lesson of physicist where by means of scenic performance we show possibilities of magnetic field and wireless current. Recently with this program we have been to the city of Mary – a fantastic show did not left indifferent neither children, nor adults, – Stanislav tells.

As a big pleasure to children the “building” of towers and pyramids from huge foam structures deliver, like the designer «Lego». Kids do not have questions: «What to do with blocks? ». it is a  clear matter – for building. But the sense of game consists that, having divided into two teams, children build foam designs for a set time.

– Our animators try to select the games developing a motility of hands, imagination, and creative imagination. Children do not feel bored with us. And we as actors take pleasure in working with children. Many our professional discoveries were prompted to us by children, openness and a spontaneity in perception of the fantastic world they are our main inspirers for further work.

Among surprises from animators there is also the most driving one – a display of ribbons or “ribbon-show”. In a toy gun is charged with a set of multi-coloured ribbons and when it shoots, hundreds easy pieces fall upon visitors of a celebratory party.

Ability to surprise is one more important quality in work of the animator. To find unusual even in simple things to present them with the wishful public is to cause positive emotions in which each of us so often needs.

Selbi Charyeva