Children’s art exhibition has opened under the arches of the main museum of Turkmenistan

Children’s art exhibition has opened under the arches of the main museum of Turkmenistan

On the eve of the International Children’s Day, an exhibition of children’s drawings was organized at the State Museum of the State Cultural Center of Turkmenistan.

The exposition comprised of colorful and touching works of small artists, in which the sincerity and special perception of the surrounding world is felt. The showroom was filled with the sunny atmosphere of childhood.

Each young master responsibly and creatively made his exhibition work. Children’s dreams and hopes came true on the canvases. Perhaps that is why little Udina drew an elegant ballerina – the girl wants to become the second Maya Plisetskaya.

“This is all her work,” a relative of the young artist told proudly. “She is drawing all her spare time, attending the art classes of Dilyara Yakubova.

Many drawings are made so talented and professional that it is difficult to make difference from the works of eminent masters. Everything, including composition, selection of colors, and most importantly – a spiritual message are beautiful. Looking at the amazing and delicate picture, which is signed “To Mom”, you can understand that the priceless gift is the one self-made by a child. Such a gift can say much more than a thousand words.

No one can stay indifferent to the one work made by the smallest painter, who is just 3 years old, which put a smile on the face of visitors. His work is our childhood, common to all and unique to everyone. We all created such avant-garde masterpieces, carefully deducing details. With a smile, one can remember how then the parents praised us, hoping that they had correctly interpreted the plot of the picture. It is thanks to their faith and evaluation the first creative abilities of the child are shown.